True Beauty by Grigglet strives to bring you the best reviews on cruelty-free products. It hopes to aid people’s choices and show the vast amount of products that can be had with a cruelty-free lifestyle, without having to compromise on quality and affordability.

The content focuses on animal-friendly beauty  such as makeup and skincare. 

Alicia Griggs (Grigglet): Founder & Executive Editor

My realisation that there was a connection with the animals I loved and the food on my plate came to be when I was 9 years old. From there I became a pescatarian until the age of 16, when I became a fully-fledged vegetarian. I tried to make an effort during my teenage years to choose products that were not tested on animals, but I didn’t really have the knowledge to be sure of my choices and my real outrage and understanding of animal testing came about after the age of 21.

Fast-forward to 2016 and my personal growth in that year led to an even greater understanding on the inhumane treatment of animals, and how I – and others- could help. As someone who loves makeup and personal care, it was paramount to me that everything I used, and not just makeup, was not tested on animals- be that hair dye, hair care, skincare or dental care. By the end of 2016, I realised that I wanted to transition into veganism as the next part of my animal-rights journey, and to also set-up a blog that could help others realise how easy it can be to have products that are cruelty-free and affordable.

A bit more about me: I live in England, in a small seaside town in Kent with my parents, brother and my handsome cat, Sinbad. I noticed that a lot of the cruelty-free blogs or Youtube channels were based in America, and not a lot of attention was focused on what English animal-lovers could buy and use. My aim is to change that, so that it is easier and less expensive than constant imports (watch out for that import tax!) to buy great products. Of course, my blog will not just featured the products I’ve deemed as “good”, but will provide an honest opinion on products I’ve tried, so that readers can make their own judgements. Though I aim to provide knowledge on products available in England, I will also mention products that I have bought online from different countries in order to highlight either the cost of this, or the availability.

I have sensitive skin which is prone to dryness, and so this should be considered when reading my reviews. I also have various medical conditions which may change my opinion on a product- for example, if a product is awkward to hold, or hard for me to open, then I will see that as a downside to the product, and will mention that in my review.

I don’t have an influx of money, and so need to be conscious with my money, and try to get products that are value for money- so if you want to save some cash on products, this blog could also help!